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Facing a sales tax audit is a daunting prospect — but less so when you have a skilled San Jose sales tax lawyer on your side. Whether you’re facing an upcoming audit or have just gone through one, McClellan Davis, LLC offers a staff of talented Bay area sales tax experts who can support you. As former sales tax auditors, supervisors, trainers or reviewers, our professionals have the insider knowledge of sales tax audits and how they work that can make all the difference in the audit experience. Are you a Roseville sole proprietorship, business or multinational corporation looking for a skilled Los Gatos sales tax attorney to help you? Have you been through an audit conducted by the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly the Board of Equalization) and are now facing a significant liability? You’ve found the solution with McClellan Davis, LLC.

Our Core Service Areas

Work with a San Jose sales tax consultant from McClellan Davis, LLC whether you need audit management or to make an audit appeal. We’re here to ease the administrative burden that comes from dealing with audit staff and to use our expertise to minimize your overall liability.

Our core services include:

Working With Us

When you’re facing the prospect of a sales tax audit in San Jose, CA, come to McClellan Davis, LLC for a tailored sales tax audit strategy, catered to you. Throughout Roseville and the surrounding communities, we can communicate with your auditor and taxing agency on your behalf. We can even have the audit transferred to our office, if that helps you. Whether you’re at the beginning of the audit process or are dealing with the consequences of one you already experienced, we’re here to be your advocate and minimize interruptions to your business.

Why Choose McClellan Davis, LLC?

Since our founding in 1980, our mission is to advocate for our clients’ best interests — in Roseville and beyond. We’ve helped thousands of clients through sales tax audits and their repercussions. Further, we are committed to using the same expertise in helping you. We work with virtually every type of business that has sales or use tax. From car dealerships, to restaurants, to construction contractors and more, we can help you. Trust our attorneys and consultants to guide you through the audit process, protect your business rights and give you every possible advantage in the process. To learn more, contact us anytime about setting up a free consultation.

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