McClellan Davis®, LLC was formerly known as Associated Sales Tax Consultants (ASTC).
Hi Jesse,

It is my pleasure to write this for you. My experience of dealing with you is as follows: You told me the amount that you thought they would settle for and it actually came in lower. The amount we ended up paying was significantly less than what was asserted. You were very knowledgeable through the whole experience. You knew who and how to speak to the people involved. You were a shark at the appropriate times, which is exactly what my case called for. Whilst it took 4 years to settle, (not any fault of yours) the outcome was better than what I had ever hoped for. I would recommend you to anyone and have done so since. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to have them call or email me anytime. I also would like to say that considering everything that went on, you were reasonably priced, I never once felt like you were trying to milk money out of me. I hope this helps whomever is considering using your talents, all I can say is that it would probably be a mistake on their part to not acquire your services.

Thanks for Everything

Alan D. Brown, President / A-Abco Rents & sells, Inc.
“I am taking this opportunity to again thank you and your entire staff for the unrelenting, and I might add extremely successful, efforts on our behalf in dealing with the audits of the State Board of Equalization. I look forward to decades of co-workership with ASTC and ongoing success in our dealings with the SBOE.”
Michael Yost, CFO, Grant McCune Design, Inc.
“This testimonial is to you and your staff for helping us and our client to deal with uncharted territory of “Tobacco Excise Tax.” The insight and relevance of logic in your organization is a refreshing change and challenge in dealing with difficult issues.”
K. Dattani, CPA
“I want to extend my thanks to you and your organization for helping our company through our State Board of Equalization audit this year. Your professionalism and expertise made all the difference to us; we appreciate your efforts and will certainly use your services again. Again, thank you for all of your help this year.”
Stephen P. Nicholls. President, Mueller Nicholls, Inc
“I want to extend my thanks to you and your organization for helping our company through our State Board of Equalization audit this year. Your professionalism and expertise made all the difference to us; we appreciate your efforts and will certainly use your services again. Again, thank you for all of your help this year.”
Stephen P. Nicholls. President, Mueller Nicholls, Inc.
“Super Printers would like to thank you for the quality of your service and efficiency towards our time of need. I will not hesitate to use Associated Sales Tax in the future, and I will be happy to recommend you to friends and business associates in need of your expertise. Again, thank you for your help.”
David Sanford, Super Printers
“In today’s business world where employee incompetence is an epidemic, it is rare to write a letter of praise. Your company and the professional manner in which you defended my legal and civil rights was a godsend.”
William Dorich, Graphics Management, Inc.
“Your professional and successful handling of our Petition for Redetermination of a sales tax audit by the State Board of Equalization is very much appreciated. The expert approach in working through the technical minefield … certainly speaks well of your ability to restrain an obsessive government agency.”
G.A.B. President, a Steel Company
“ASTC … accomplished the following on our behalf: ·Provided us with a thorough understanding of the issues involved and the ramifications for our business ·Educated some of our customers in similar fashion ·Facilitated the filing of a sales tax refund request We would not hesitate to engage the services of your organization in the future should the need arise.”
Stephen Sprinkel, Hatcher Press, Inc.
“We found ASTC to be expert, experienced and professional, and with their capable representation our company completed a comprehensive BOE audit. Our audit resulted in a refund to us and, thanks to ASTC’s proficient guidance, we avoided an arduous negotiation for return of tax overpayments.”
Thomas C. Nelson, Control Manufacturing Company
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your staff and organization for the outstanding work you have done on our behalf as tax consultants. We found your service to be extremely beneficial to our organization. Your staff has been most efficient and professional as it related to our tax issues. We will not hesitate to use your organization again should the need arise.”
Lee Burns, United Food & Commercial Workers
“After consulting with our CPA, and on his advice and recommendation, I contacted Associated Sales Tax Consultants, set up a meeting and contracted with them to represent my company in this (sales and use tax) matter throughout the appeals process. During the next many months their staff represented my company at all appeals hearings, prepared all necessary responses, and attended all meetings. During all of this they kept me informed, and constantly rendered timely progress reports … I can honestly say that through their efforts, the problem has been resolved and, though I hope I never will need their services again, I would not hesitate to call them if I did.”
“We first used ASTC after a particularly invasive audit which resulted in unfair and incorrect findings by the State Board of Equalization auditor. ASTC took over the matter and had it resolved in our favor. Since that time, whenever we are notified of an audit by the SBE, we automatically turn the matter over to ASTC and are able to continue on with our business knowing that we are being represented by the best possible team genuinely committed to protecting our rights.”
D.H. Vice President, Design Firm
“The purpose of this note is to acknowledge the great work you did on our behalf in obtaining us a refund from the California State Board of Equalization.
Sales tax laws in California are exceedingly complicated, especially for a small construction company, more adept at using pipes and hand tools than analyzing legal tax issues. We spent several years trying to sort out the issues ourselves, only to hit wall after wall, and legal morass, one after another. We were snared in an audit process we could not understand or handle.
Finally we turned the matter over to you, and after 2 years of your representation, analysis, and presentation, we received a refund from the state that greatly exceeded your charges. Through the process, you were professional and patient and considerate with your client, explaining the process and being persistent with the Board of Equalization in finding a solution and obtaining our refund.
Thank you for your excellent service.”
Michael Luttrell, Warm Corp. dba Warm Floors, Napa, CA
“To whom it may concern:
I would like to take this opportunity to heartily endorse and recommend the firm of McClellan Davis, LLC for any issues related to sales tax in the State of California. I had the opportunity to work with Jesse McClellan on an extended and very complicated set of sales tax audits related to our time in California, and I will say frankly that had we not engaged him, we would have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in incorrectly calculated sales taxes and penalties. His knowledge of the law, and his understanding of the workings of the Board were invaluable during this ordeal, and I can’t thank him enough for all the hard work he did, and more importantly, the results he achieved for us.”
Edwin W. Morgan Jr., Chief Financial Officer, Guaranty RV
“If not for you and your firm, we would still be living under a cloud called the Board of Equalization; to the tune of “you owe us $141K”. After using our accountant to fight them to no avail and $14K later; we came back to Associated where you took over. You have extensive knowledge of State and Federal Tax Law and accomplished something I never thought would happen; a letter from the Board attorney agreeing with your findings and recommending dismissal of claim and penalties. Words cannot express our relief and appreciation to Associated Sales Tax Consultants.”
H. Bolton
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all of you efforts and professionalism in handling my audit with the State Board of Equalization. The future of my business was at stake due to the size and complexity of the tax burden that was weighing on my shoulders, and it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted. I will always be indebted to you and your staff and would recommend your firm to anyone having an issue with the State Board.”
Fred Eastman, Greenhouse Café
“Thanks to you my biggest fears were overcome due to your experience.”
Leo Rodriguez, Dot & Andy’s Club
“We were very pleased with the sales tax work you did for us. The thoroughness with which you handled our situation was evident by the savings to our company.”
Fred Lennard, Mt. Shasta Veneer, Inc.
“In short – I tried it on my own and I tried with Associated Sales Tax Consultants. Believe me, I’ll call them immediately if there is a next time.”
Lucy Brown, Lucy Brown, Inc.
“We hired McClellan Davis to represent us with our first sales and use tax audit with the State of California. We initially attempted to comply with the audit ourselves but it soon became apparent that we needed professional help. The team at McClellan Davis took the information we provided to the auditor, along with additional information, and proved points to the State that we were not able to. Due to their extensive knowledge of the California Laws and ability to prove their point, our original tax liability was reduced significantly. During this lengthy process they maintained a professional, but compassionate attitude toward all of our staff members. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing assistance with a State tax audit. If the need arises I will definitely be using them again.”
Susan Atkins, Tst / Impreso, Inc.
“I am writing you this letter to acknowledge your work in helping my company prepare for the future in dealing with the California Sales and Use Tax code. Rarely in my professional life have I had the pleasure to work with so qualified and responsive a team of consultants.”
M.K. President , Bio Medical Firm
Our experience with the people of your firm has been of the highest order, definitely five star all the way! We have found everyone to be courteous and astute, efficient and prompt, highly responsive and especially well-informed. Your firm made a most satisfactory settlement and conclusion of our case.”
Pauline Rosenberg , Reliable Maintenance Service
“We strongly recommend Associated Sales Tax Consultants to any business faced with an audit from the State Board. Not only may there be financial benefits, but also saved time and energy from the agony. In construction, sales and use tax statutes are complex and difficult to understand. It makes us somewhat relieved to know that there is someone like Associated Sales Tax Consultants that we can turn to.”
P. M. , Construction Company Owner
“The expert and personal assistance we received from Associated Sales Tax Consultants was critical to the future viability of this company. When we became embroiled with the State Board of Equalization, it was potentially a financial disaster and would negatively affect the manner in which we conducted business with our clients. Our professional consultant at Associated Sales Tax assumed immediate control of the case and rendered positive results in a very short time. Within three months our consultant resolved the entire matter to our company’s benefit. I am convinced that Associated Sales Tax was the definitive service to turn to in this matter and I would highly recommend them to anyone with a sales tax issue.”
J.C., Literary Service Company
“I would like to thank you both (James & Jesse) from the bottom of my heart for helping our Company get through this sales tax audit and put this behind us with a “no change” status. This was a huge win! At first when we started the process, it seemed like a never-ending and a very frustrating process. This audit was hanging over my head like a brick about to fall with all the stress of documentation requirements. You made a very diligent effort in understanding our business and helped me to work on the gathering the documentation with full confidence.
With very careful guidance from both of you during every step of the process really helped to make this process less intimidating and certainly helped me to continue on with my business without interruption. The entire audit was handled very professionally with constant updates on the case and very compassionate understanding of the client’s state of mind as well.
Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend your firm to anyone out there facing an audit scenario. I am extremely happy that we found your company to handle our case and bringing it to an ultimate WIN! Our experience in working with you both was just outstanding. Many thanks and regards.”
Rupin Kotecha, DigitalGuru Bookshop, Sunnyvale, CA
“Our company was audited by the state, and at one point the auditors were recommending a tax liability in excess of 2 million dollars. We retained Jesse McClellan at McClellan Davis to represent us and he immediately took control of the situation. After recognizing that the audit staff had overlooked a little known, complex area of tax law that was applicable to our business, Jesse was able to prove that we had actually over paid the tax. The state eventually refunded us approximately five hundred thousand dollars. The net result was that McClellan Davis saved us more than 2.5 million dollars!!”
Kent Sutton, CEO, C4 Holdings, Inc.
“Although we arrived at your door having already been mauled at the hands of the Board of Equalization in an audit, we were reassured that we would at last have professionals to present our case and guide it through the lengthy appeals process. McClellan Davis’ attention to detail, professional preparation, and thorough knowledge of all aspects of sales tax law led to a highly successful resolution of our case. Our only regret is that we did not come to you when first notified of the original audit. We will not make that mistake again.”
Zein Yountchi, Cable Car Photo and Electronics
“We appreciated the patience and thoroughness with which the ASTC staff explained all of the important details of our case. During the course of our audit, and afterwards, we not only learned how to spot and contest any inaccuracies or injustices, we also learned how to stay in compliance with all of the appropriate regulations and procedures so that future audits would be trouble-free … ASTC has the experience, coupled with a helpful attitude that is quite comforting in the midst of a naturally stressful situation.”
K.Z. President, Marketing Firm
“I wanted to thank you again for the assistance you have provided to Yates Advertising with our sales tax questions. I was originally going to have my payroll company do the sales tax audit. However, during our pre-audit meetings, my agent didn’t have the answers I needed to clarify certain tax issues. It was most fortuitous when my personal accountant mentioned ASTC. She said she had heard very good things about ASTC and I should call you. I did, and at our first meeting I was convinced ASTC would be my best choice … Armed with your information and day-to-day contacts with the State Board of Equalization, your company was hands-down the best prepared to handle my issues. Thanks again for everything.”
Ted Yates , Yates Advertising
“As a California Tax Attorney with over 20 years experience, I recognize the importance of referring the ‘right’ professional. Any sales tax audits or controversies are always referred by our office to Associated Sales Tax Consultants. My clients always get personal attention at a fair price. I highly recommend Associated Sales Tax Consultants to anyone with a sales tax issue.”
Nancy A. Gibbons, Attorney at Law
“I would like to take this opportunity to commend you and your firm for your promptness and professionalism in handing the tax audit that we had with the State Board of Equalization … Your firm was able to complete our audit in our favor with a minimum of information and time from us.”
Fred Eastman, Tower Foods
“We have utilized the services of Associated Sales Tax Consultants twice in the last six years. (They) freed us from the anxiety of dealing directly with the State Board of Equalization. Our questions were addressed by one person from your office and the audit was conducted in a timely and professional manner.”
Ruby & Robert Wilkinson, Wilkinson Lithography
“Jesse and team,
I would like to thank you again for handling my case with professionalism and success. I know a lot of research went into it and knowing the right people to work with seems to have a lot to do with being successful. It was a pleasure working with your staff and I will recommend your company to anyone in my same situation.”
“Jesse, We appreciate your efforts in getting our case waived. This audit has been hanging over us for the last year or so and we are relieved to have this behind us. We know your expertise is what resulted in this excellent outcome. Thank you very much.”
Larry Muzio
“ASTC saved our small publishing services business. They now keep us abreast of current state taxation law and practices as they apply to us, and check our ongoing invoicing and contracting practices on a regular basis.”
M.M., Officer of a publishing firm
“Jesse, We got the paperwork from the State with all the lovely zeroes down the page! I simply cannot thank you enough for giving me my life back! Thank you for your persistence, your positive and convincing manner, and your conviction in the rightness of it all, up to the very last day and minute. You are a WINNER and I hope you celebrated a little as well. We did.”
G.I Corporate Officer , Held Personally Responsible for Tax Liability
“We would like to thank you for accepting our case during the recent audit we had by the State Board of Equalization. The fast and efficient manner in which your agency handled our account was just amazing. There is no doubt your agency saved us from a major financial crisis.”
Jan Salter, The Ritz
“Our company was treated with respect by your professional employees in overcoming a tax assessment. They understood our problem, focused on it and settled our dispute within a matter of months to our complete satisfaction.”
Therese Olivero, Amsan, Inc
“Some time ago I utilized the services of your organization to resolve a potential sales tax assessment issue with the California Board of Equalization. The issue was resolved in a very timely and professional manner to my complete satisfaction. My thanks to you and your organization for a job well done.”
Thomas A. Ainsley