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Since 1980 McClellan Davis, LLC, has provided sales and use tax services to thousands of clients, from sole proprietors to multinational corporations, including virtually every type of business that is subject to sales or use tax. Whether you’re looking for professional help with multistate return preparation services, sales tax compliance and exposure analysis, nexus studies and voluntary disclosures, audit management and appeals, or refund claims, our sales tax specialists will provide the expertise you need.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, you can have access to a team with well over 100 years of experience and one that possesses the technical expertise necessary to quickly reach a solution for matters such as nexus, registration, taxability, tax rates, tax return preparation, litigation support, audit management, appeals, offer in compromise, and refund claims.
Our staff of former state sales tax auditors, sales tax attorneys and CPAs offer a variety of return preparation, compliance, nexus and registration services, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Sales Tax Return Preparation Solution: McClellan Davis’ tax specialists are return preparation experts who have top-tier credentials in the sales and use tax industry. Sales tax compliance and return preparation is a time consuming and complicated endeavor even if your business does not sell interstate; and it’s even more complex if you do. Existing inhouse staff requires frequent training to keep up with the latest filing requirements, law changes, and tax rates which can become difficult to monitor with over 1,000 active jurisdictions in the United States. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective and efficient option, and for many companies, it provides a significant cost-savings opportunity when compared with hiring a full-time employee. Your returns will be filed on time by our team of former state tax auditors who can also help identify reporting deficiencies during the return preparation process. When you use our sales tax return and compliance services, you can focus your time on activities that add real value to your business!
  • Registration Services: Doing business in another state? Our team can register your company with the proper state agencies and make sure you are set up to properly apply tax to your transactions.
  • Compliance Support: Planning a business or product-line change? Don’t forget to address the sales and use tax implications that accompany that change. Even if you’re not planning changes, are you certain that sales and use tax is being properly applied to your current activities? Our sales tax specialists can provide your business with the necessary sales and use tax guidance to help you accurately apply tax to your transactions. Further, we will ensure that you properly document your sales, purchases and any applicable tax exemptions. Our team of experts has performed in-depth research in every state that applies a statewide sales tax for hundreds of different clients and we can use that knowledge and experience to help your company comply. Moreover, we have litigated dozens of issues for clients which provides us with a unique understanding of where issues exist so we can help your company avoid making costly mistakes that others have made previously.
  • Reduce Audit Exposure and Risk: By filing sales tax returns using our best practices service, your business can reduce costly audit liability exposure and decrease the amount of time needed to address tax errors with state taxing agencies. If you are selected for audit, our former tax agency auditors, supervisors, attorneys and CPAs can manage the audit from our offices which will further minimize the impact on your business’ operations.
  • Return Preparation and Compliance Packages Tailored to Fit Your Needs: We offer several levels of sales tax return preparation and compliance services from a basic filing service to programs that provide a complete sales and use tax solution for every aspect of your business. An initial consultation to review your sales tax filing requirements with one of our highly qualified sales tax specialists is always free.

Compliance Package Case Study: Multistate Computer Software & Services Company

Upon being retained, an assigned team of tax experts from McClellan Davis reviewed the existing practices of the company to gain a thorough understanding of the business’ activities, operations and controls. With that knowledge, a plan was developed that included performing multistate taxability reviews, registrations, voluntary disclosures, contract & invoice language revisions and tax mitigation strategies.

Currently we prepare and process returns in every state, manage sales tax audits and answer taxability and compliance questions as they arise for this company- all for a fixed monthly fee that is far less than the cost of a qualified employee!

Why Choose McClellan Davis, LLC?

McClellan Davis has a long history of helping businesses with a variety of tax liability and compliance issues. We’ve represented thousands of clients — from small sole proprietors to large multinational corporations. Our qualified staff of former state auditors, attorneys and CPAs, along with our focused practice on sales and use tax, coupled with extensive experience, provides us with a unique ability to help your business.

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