Single or Multistate Sales Tax Return Preparation and Compliance

Rely on the experts at McClellan Davis, LLC for your sales tax return preparation, so you can focus on your core income producing competencies.

RefundClaim-IconMcClellan Davis® sales tax specialists are sales tax return preparation experts that have top-tier credentials in the sales and use tax industry! Sales tax compliance and return preparation is a time consuming and tedious endeavor even if your business does not sell interstate; it can be even more complex if you do. Existing in-house staff requires frequent updates and training to keep up with the latest filing requirements and changes to the applicable tax rates and laws. It is more cost-effective and efficient to outsource these tasks to our experts. For mid-sized and large companies, our compliance and return programs provide a significant cost-savings opportunity for your business.

When you use our sales tax return service, you can focus your time on activities that add real value to your business instead of searching through state websites for sales tax information and filing deadlines. McClellan Davis, LLC offers a best-in-class sales tax return service that covers the filing of local returns while managing due dates and filing schedules. Our experts will review your sales data, prepare a format compliant return for each required jurisdiction and we can even remit payment on your behalf.

Reduce Audit Exposure and Risk

By filing sales tax returns using our best practices service, your business can reduce costly audit liability exposure and decrease the amount of time needed to address tax errors with state taxing agencies. If you are selected for audit, our former tax agency auditors, supervisors and attorneys can manage the audit from our offices which will further minimize the impact on your business operations.

Return Preparation and Compliance Packages Tailored to Fit Your Needs

We offer several levels of sales tax return preparation and compliance services from a basic filing service to programs that provide a complete sales and use tax solution for every aspect of your business. To learn more about our services call or email us today. An initial consultation to review your sales tax filing requirements with one of our highly qualified sales tax specialists is always free.

CPA’s, Tax Attorneys, Tax Practitioners

We work with CPA’s, tax attorneys and other tax practitioners to provide return preparation and compliance services for their clients. Depending on your preference, we can work directly with your client, or directly with you. If you already provide return preparation services to your client, but want to use us for audit defense, appeals representation, or in some other capacity, we’ll provide you with a signed covenant that we will not provide return preparation services to your client. We welcome the opportunity to partner with other professionals to help make sure their clients are provided with superior representation and services. We invite you to call or email us today to discuss any sales and use tax needs your clients may have.

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