Sales Tax Compliance & Nexus Studies

Planning a significant business change? Don’t forget the sales and use tax implications. Even if you’re not planning changes, are you sure of the sales and use tax rules that apply to your current activities?

Compliance-IconCompanies generally prepare for important transactions, such as mergers, spin-offs, and asset sales, by investigating the income tax consequences in advance. However, they often forget about possible sales and use tax implications, which can result in large and unexpected liabilities. We can perform a sales tax compliance review for your anticipated, current or future transaction.
If you’re uneasy about the possible sales and use tax consequences of any present or proposed business activity, we’ll investigate and report on your best alternatives. Our experts will review your procedures, explain the applicable rules, provide written explanations, and recommend ways to lower your exposure and minimize your liability. We will review and analyze your sales tax compliance, sales tax nexus and evaluate your nexus exposure. Our sales tax experts even offer sales and use tax return preparation and ongoing consulting services, to help make certain your business remains in compliance. Our experts have authored professional education courses on sales and use tax nexus, and are very well qualified to help your business.

If your company does business in more than one state, it may have additional sales and use tax exposure.

Sales and use tax laws and regulations are full of surprises, particularly in certain industries. If your company does business in more than one state, those surprises can multiply. You may even be doing business in another state without realizing it, to the extent that you need to register and report that state’s taxes.
Here’s where we can help. A multistate sales tax consultant will review your company’s operation for potential nexus issues before an outside state contacts you, and we’ll help you develop strategies to minimize your exposure. If you’ve already received a state’s nexus questionnaire, we’ll help you prepare a truthful response that will put your company in the best possible position. If a liability is asserted, our company will negotiate with the state and fight to minimize the assessment. We have multistate sales tax experts that will help you.


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