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Whether your company has just been notified of a sales tax audit or is in the middle of one, our expert consultants can help.


McClellan Davis® sales tax professionals and consultants have inside knowledge of the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), formally the Board of Equalization sales tax audit process, because most of them are former sales tax auditors, supervisors, trainers, or reviewers. Our sales tax experts are widely published on the subject of sales and use taxes, and Dan Davis has written two books on the subject: the Multistate Guide to Sales and Use Tax Audits, and the Multistate Guide to Sales and Use Taxation: Construction Industry. (Both books are published by CCH, Inc.)

Our sales tax consultants offer sales tax help for your business’ preparation for an impending Board of Equalization sales tax audit (or other state agency) and will work with you to develop a sales tax audit strategy to fit your operations. We’ll work closely with the auditor on your behalf and handle all correspondence from the taxing agency, allowing your business to operate without interruption. If it’s feasible and will benefit your case, we’ll even have the audit transferred to our office.  Our sales tax lawyers and sales tax experts understand the ins and outs of the sales tax audit process and will provide your business with the best sales tax audit defense all while minimizing the need for you to expend your own time and resources.

As the audit proceeds, our team of sales tax consultants and sales tax attorneys will monitor the auditor’s work papers, present rebuttals, and propose adjustments. We will search for refund and credit opportunities overlooked by most auditors. If we’re not satisfied with the auditor’s work, we’ll call in the audit supervisor to resolve the issue. If the supervisor doesn’t offer a satisfactory resolution, we’ll appeal your case to the next level.  Sales tax audit representation provided by the sales tax experts at McClellan Davis afford your business a significant advantage when dealing with a CDTFA sales tax audit, and audits performed by other states.  Our sales tax attorneys and sales tax consultants will diligently pursue your interests, making certain that your rights under the law are protected.

If you think you might need sales tax audit help or sales tax audit representation, call our office and speak to one of our sales tax lawyers or sales tax consultants on staff.  We offer a free consultation with absolutely no obligation on your behalf.  If you would prefer that we meet in person, we are happy to arrange a face to face meeting.  Our sales tax attorneys and sales tax consultants understand that the prospect of a CDTFA sales tax audit or sales tax audit appeal can be a stressful ordeal, that’s why we go out of our way to provide you with solutions.

Our unwavering dedication to our clients, knowledge, experience, and hard work allows us to obtain great results for our clients. The sales tax lawyers and sales tax experts at McClellan Davis have provided numerous business owners with the sales tax audit help and the sales tax audit defense needed to prevail at the highest levels.  The following are some examples of our exceptional case results.  We are proud to point out that the following case summaries represent just a small sample of the great results we have been able to obtain for our valued clients.  If you have sales tax problems, we can help.


Industry: Fixture Manufacturer/Retailer/Wholesaler
Procedural Summary: Managed Audit/Refund Claim

FixtureRetailer_smReduction/Refund: $2,500,000
(100% Reduction + Refund)

Our firm became involved in this case during the course of the audit process. After being presented with audit working papers which suggested that a tax liability of approximately $2 million was owed to the state, the CEO of the company retained our firm to examine the audit findings. During that review, we recognized that a significant percentage of the reported taxable sales were actually exempt from tax due to a technicality in the law that applied under the circumstances. Although the assigned auditor refused to permit the uncovered credits, we successfully worked with the audit supervisor and district principal auditor to have a refund granted in excess of $500,000.

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