Settlements & Compromises

Sometimes a case reaches a point where it’s wise to settle.


After a company completes part or all of the administrative protest process involving the appeal of a sales tax audit liability, most states offer the option of filing a settlement offer. If this option seems appropriate, our sales tax consultant will contact you to obtain your approval and set parameters. Our company will prepare and submit your paperwork, negotiate with the state, and advance your position throughout the settlement process. After all other remedies are exhausted, we’ll prepare and negotiate an offer in compromise wherever state law permits.

Our sales tax consultants have prepared and negotiated numerous CA California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), formally the Board of Equalization settlements.  We have also worked with multiple taxing agencies across the country and have the necessary experience to advance the interests of you or your business.  Our sales tax consultants can advise you on what to expect throughout the process and work to make sure that you receive a favorable BOE settlement outcome.

Our sales tax consultants have also worked to prepare and negotiate what taxing agencies often refer to as an “Offer in Compromise.”  An Offer in Compromise often involves a review of a business or individual’s financial condition to establish an equitable resolution between a state taxing agency and the taxpayer.   Our sales tax experts work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your financial situation in order to present your circumstances favorably to the state taxing agency.  Our sales tax consultants will negotiate on your behalf and provide you with alternatives so that you can achieve a favorable outcome.


Industry:  Recreational Vehicle Dealership
Procedural Summary:  Appeals, Board Level Hearing, Settlement

Recreational Vehicles

Reduction: $13,876,785.41
(94% Reduction)

This case involved two separate California audits of one of the largest RV dealerships in the nation. The audits covered locations inside and outside of California, and involved a number of complex procedural and legal issues. We were successful in overcoming erroneous audit sampling and projection methods employed by the state’s audit staff, and successfully argued our client’s case at an oral hearing before the elected Members of the State Board of Equalization.

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