How You Present a Sales Tax Appeal Can Make a Big Difference in the Outcome

Fotolia_chess_KnightsThe Board of Equalization (Board) has an appeals system for tax assessments which allows anyone to represent taxpayers, or they can represent themselves.  The system is designed so that Board attorneys and auditors involved in the appeals process are unbiased, make an independent review of the case, and get a fair outcome for the taxpayer and Board.  This does not guarantee, however, that the taxpayer will always get the best results.  This article addresses the steps that should be taken to help ensure your appeal is successful.  While it focuses on California […]

Making the Right Call for Sales and Use Tax Outsourcing

Although the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009 is well behind us, the fallout from it continues to have an impact for businesses that are faced with doing business in an environment that is even more heavily regulated. To comply with the additional compliance requirements established by federal and state agencies, many businesses are forced to increase their in-house compliance staff, or outsource the obligations to a third party. This article provides a discussion of the various considerations that go into outsourcing sales and use tax compliance matters.  Understanding these factors will help enable you or your client to make […]