McClellan Davis Prevails on Large Fraud Case

Jesse McClellan, Esq. Jesse McClellan, Esq.

Jesse McClellan, Esq., Principal, obtained a 4-1 vote in favor of our client at the December 16, 2015 Board Hearing.  The case involved a 2007 audit of a popular Santa Barbara restaurant and nightclub, with the total liability exceeding $1.4 million.

The primary issue addressed at the Board Hearing was the assessment of a 25 percent fraud penalty, which expanded the audit period by an additional 5 years.  Jesse successfully argued that the Sales and Use Tax Department failed to carry its burden to prove fraud by clear […]

Early Resolution of Tax Issues Provide the Best Possible Outcome

Former Board of Equalization Appeals Attorney, Lucian Khan,
provides a unique perspective on cases which could have avoided the appeals process.

It’s always best to resolve tax cases at the lowest possible level in order to avoid unnecessary time and expense.  This article discusses cases that could have been resolved prior to the appeals process, if they were handled properly.  By understanding the oversights that occurred in the presented cases, it may help you or your client avoid similar oversights.

Prior to my association with McClellan Davis LLC, I worked as an attorney for the California Board of Equalization’s Legal Department.  […]