This month, Mitchell Stradford, a senior sales tax specialist at McClellan Davis and featured contributor in the April issue of the Independent Automobile Dealers Association of California (IADAC) magazine, shares how the California Board of Equalization is aggressively pursuing independent auto dealers for additional sales tax with a questionable new audit methodology.  IADAC is the only association that provides representation before regulatory agencies and advocates fair legislation on behalf of independent dealers and their customers.

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Visit to read Mitchell’s informative article “Board of Equalization Aggressively Pursuing Independent Auto Dealers for Additional Sales Tax with a New, Questionable Audit Methodology” on page 24.

Mitchell Stradford

Mitchell Stradford

Mitchell Stradford is a former senior sales and use tax auditor with the California State Board of Equalization. Mitch leads McClellan Davis’ efforts to advocate on behalf of the cigarette and tobacco industry. He graduated from California State University Sacramento with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in accountancy. Email Mitchell

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